The most expensive listed houses in the New York area

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Homes can be expensive to buy. And luxury houses even more. Around the United States, we can find many homes that exceed the normal prices and that are only reserved for the privileged ones. These apartments and mansions are in the market, or not, and they are only reserved for the people that have that amount of money.

New York is the city that has the most homes and is the one that has the highest prices. Don’t be fooled, the most expensive house is in the Hamptons and it is an amazing mansion with two sailboats, four kayaks, and two paddleboards.

Lets take a look at those houses and apartments that are very expensive and that have state of the art facilities and installations for the residents and that are located specifically in the New York area.

The first home is an apartment located in New York City. The address is 10 West Street PH, New York, New York. The price for this property is around $75 million. This home is located in at the height of The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park. This apartment has an amazing view of the financial district and of the city of New York with all its beauty. The house is actually part of 2 penthouses that go together. One penthouse is as big as 7,500 square feet and the other one is around 3,600 square feet. Both of them are sold as one penthouse. The last time the property was sold was in October 2014 and the square meter is selling at 236 dollars. It has breath-taking views were people can fully appreciate the best landmarks in New York: New York’s iconic skyline where people can see the Freedom Tower from two significant Northern terraces and the Statue of Liberty from the Southern roof deck.

Our second home is located in the heart of Manhattan, within the fifth avenue. The exact address is 1009 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York. This is a very traditional rich guy’s home in New York and the oldest on our list. The price starts at $80 million and names such as Carlos Slim have listed the house. The house has eight floors and is as big as 20,000 square feet. The house was built in 1901 and it is considered by many as “one of New York’s most significant properties.”

The people and developers that were in charge of designing and building the property were developers W. W. and T. M. Hall. The house was not built for anybody in particular, but it was soon bought by Benjamin N. Duke who was a tobacco, textile and energy industrialist and philanthropist, that at the time was the chairman of the American Tobacco Company. After some years, Benjamin’s brother, James who was also a big player in the tobacco industry, bought the house in 1907.

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Our third New York home is located in 432 Park Avenue #PH88, New York, New York. The price for this one is around $76.5 million dollars. The building is one of the new super tall buildings that were developed in the area to give the city even a more luxurious look. The penthouse covers the whole floor an elevator that goes directly to the living room. The apartment has full 10'x10' floor-to-ceiling windows and 12-and-a-half-foot ceilings.

This apartment is a spectacular full floor, 8,055 square foot home. The apartment includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an amazing library with wood-burning fireplace and two powder rooms. The building is exposed to views from every side and direction thought possible: North, South, East, and West with amazing exposures and panoramic views of Central Park and the City. The inside is just amazing: it features solid oak flooring, very tall 12'-6 ceilings and very wide 10' x10' windows. The elevator that goes directly to the house, arrives at an elegant entry gallery which will then take the person to a 29' x 44' corner living room and a separate library. The kitchen is not less than amazing with a wine cellar, an amazing pantry, a beautiful center island, luxurious marble floors and countertops and cabins made out of natural oak, stainless steel appliances and polished chrome fixtures.

And our last New York Apartment is an apartment located in 635 West 42nd Street #45FL, New York, New York. This apartment is sold in an amazing $85 million. This apartment covers the whole 45th floor of the Atelier building which is located on Manhattan’s far west side. There is an amazing perk for this apartment as it includes a 2million fee for construction and a yacht worth $1 million, with five years of docking expenses covered.

So, are you looking for a luxurious apartment in New York? Here you have some ideas.

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