Twenty Rules for a Successful Publication on Medium

I’m quite pleased to see that the Slackjaw “group norms” as you call them … oh Moses on a Matzo — can’t you just call them rules or commandments? “Norms” sounds like a collection of chubby postal worker barflies (barflys? NB: copy editor to check. And make sure Norm was the mailman.)

Knowing that rules are forged from experience, I’m similarly pleased to see there isn’t one discouraging my (mostly) decorative rosewood nunchuck desk accessory. The regrettable incident with the Brit (Tom somebody ?) was totally justified. Hearing him prattle on again about the missing U in humor is more than I could take. My sincere appreciation to the Grand Poobah for his indulgence will have to wait until I can cash a certain editor’s post-dated check from last week’s poker game.

Speaking of games, I’m looking forward to the Thursday night team building event — I’m pleased that everyone is behind me on my suggestion of Strip Scrabble (remember no adverbs allowed!)

Perhaps demonstrating my commitment to the organization will result in an actual position with commensurate compensation. I certainly adore the Sears & Roebuck Chillmaster air-conditioner carton that I call “desk”. And while an overturned five-gallon sardine bucket isn’t much of a chair, I found several sleeveless t-shirts left over from the August Solstice Party in the van that I use to cushion the seat.

I remain steadfast and stoic, as a writer should be.

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