The Journey

Every year I take a journey, as I have always done.
It’s the same destination, but the trip changes.

As a child, I was unaware of the journey, escorted as I was by those who cared for me. The diversions of each day were my only focus.

As a young man, I naturally learned about the voyage. But I couldn’t appreciate it. I felt the burdens I carried, and the many demands.

It’s a long journey, forged from a string of moments, some carefree, some ecstatic, others deeply sorrowful.

I walk through cool forests where the voice of nature is there for those who will listen and along salty shores where the literal sands of time slip between my toes.

Near the end, the darkness comes, and with it an icy cold that seems to penetrate my very soul. This harshest part cannot be made alone. I rely on my truest companion to aid me and to see where I cannot. We share our burdens and our fire.

Then today, on this darkest day, we reach the journeys end. To stay just one snowy day, a moment really, only to turn on our heels and head back together to the light and warmth of sunnier days.

Finally now, I understand.

Dear Readers: I originally wrote this in 2013 for my incredible wife Renee.
As the Solstice comes again, I’m reminded of what an arduous journey this one has been. I’m sharing this to reaffirm my eternal appreciation for her support, love and companionship. Ti amo, Tesoro.

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