Today, I am 20,000 days old.

Wow. There are a thousands of minutes and millions of seconds in all those days. (The precise math is left as an exercise for the obsessively mathematical reader.)

Milestones often seem like a great opportunity for some introspection as well as a very good day to begin to write about the days to follow. (I nearly wrote “next 20,000” but for reasons that will eventually become apparent, that seemed overly optimistic.)

This is my therapy. It’s my hope that in studying the days, the minutes and sometimes the nanoseconds as they go by, perhaps I’ll see them more clearly and understand them better. There are many wonderful things in my life, and a few terrible ones, so categorize me as the “potpourri” category of writer/baker/artist. We can talk about a lot of things. If I told you all of them now, it might ruin the surprise. Let’s let it evolve.

20,000 days. All in all, I think they’ve been good ones. Maybe I wasted a few, but in retrospect (which is the 'spect you have when you’re 20,000 days old) I’d probably do it very much the way I did before. And I’m okay with that.
For now, my plan is to live this one.