Where to Start in Getting Your Damn Life in Order

A To-Do list for myself: (So the “your” in this context is “mine”. My life. Io solo, capiche ? )

Appreciate the gift of your existence. Seriously.

Realize it STILL is not all about you. (No, still not. Stop asking.)

You want a pity party? Fine — but you have to wear a party hat, and everyone goes home at 10:00 pm.

Schedule the pity party for next Tuesday.

Understand that when someone asks, “How are you doing?” they just want you to say, “Fine, really great, couldn’t be better.” Even if they pronounce the italics in you. I’m not suggesting that you lie, but maybe be optimistic, for crissakes.

Time to move forward, get off the couch, back to the gym. Take a walk at lunch. Do something!

Fries are evil. Beware of their siren song.

Remember the sisters lost and still here.

Meditate. Set the brain on “chill” for a few minutes.

Sweep up.

That itch in your brain? That means you should write something. People are starting to notice that you’ve been coasting quite a long while. WRITE SOMETHING!

Dear Readers — Sorry for the absence. Thanks to those of you who reminded me that you like to read my essays. I’ll endeavor to get back to it.