Why I Changed My Name

Questo sono Io, Italia, 2014

Hi people!

Readers who have followed me for a while will recall that I set up my Medium account as LiveThis1. It was the right decision at the time and I’ve talked about why here. The short version is that I created this as a personal therapy blog for my cancer journey.

Today, I took off the mask (it wasn’t much of a mask anyway). Going forward, I’ll use my real name. It’s not that I’m unhappy with the old moniker, although it did confuse some folks. Mostly, I want to be me. LiveThis1 was (and still is) my personal admonition that I wanted to pay attention to my life and appreciate it.

But while my cancer has seriously impacted my life, it will not define it. I came to Medium because it was a pretty platform that I could blog on, and not have the junk associated with the other players. I came for the opportunity to yell into the void, but I found that I loved the platform, community and the People of Medium. At the same time, I fell in love with the art of writing. Perhaps I can even call myself a writer now. That feels like something real, so using my name feels right.

Ultimately, nothing changes but the label. Cheers, y’all.