I bring facts and you attack the messenger, I see why you like Hillary, you emulate her.

First of all I just told you what you look like if you see that as an attack that is your problem


getting miscreants, rapists, and thugs out of jail and that is considered a good thing? Black Panthers are not activists, they are Urban Terrorists, I belive in Obama’s election they were terrorizing Little old white ladies and keeping them from voting booths in Phili, but Holder thought it inconsequential

You bring racist lies followed by misogynistic lies and act like it’s the truth. I’m surprised you didn’t start with the first BS accusations the repubes made up about her.

Oh wow you are such a hero hiring us poor folk! Why I bet they are your best friends too!

FACTS?!?!?! You actually call that pile of BS facts?? I was there as well funny thing bout it boy if even one tenth of the lies where true she would still be in jail!

Ahhhh so nice of you trying to educate me! Will you also tell me how the moon landing was faked?

Oh you want me to be civil… to you? Listen here boy you people constantly take the low road sling mud and generally cheat (cause let’s face it after all those centuries of having other folks do your work you’ve atrophied yourselves into uselessness if it wasn’t for a system made to put you two hundred miles ahead of everybody else you wouldn’t be able to even get off the starting line). And then you demand we be above all your dirty lil tricks and schemes. Heck boy it was your stupid lil Reagan that got us where we are now! Well him and your gleeful eagerness to not only squander your inheritance but to sell out you’re kids wealth as well. How on earth did the generation that beat the Nazis create you people? To make matters worse boy you all seem dead set in making your last gasp before fading into uselessness and obscurity the creation of Nazi 2.0! Your ancestors are rolling in their graves and your descendants are seeing past the flimsy facade you set up to make yourselves feel better about all the things you have just flushed down the toilet.

Naw boy I’ll be civil after you prove to me why I should be.

So far you are failing misserably