Donald Trump IS Making America Great Again
talia jane

I’ve been thinking the same thing for months but didn’t say anything cause I didn’t want to jinx it!

The only differential part is on the political/voting. Always been extremely into politics thought that’s on account of being second gen cuban in exile and autistic to boot. Voted in every single election since I was 18. Was heart broken and furious when the texas republicans did their funny business in a way that bock me from voting this year(even thought I’m a USAF vet, born in Miami, and lived in the U.S. my entire life until I was 22!) and overjoyed when it got taken down.

My company is keynoting at the UAV/UAS summit in Shenzhen on November and I was actually considering skipping it until my cofounder reminded me about the absentee ballot gotta admit I felt like

must get the stupid out!

To provide reference the Shenzhen UAV/UAS summit is for drones what E3 is for video games and CES is for tech products in general. And I (one of the two founders and the C.O.O. of a drone company) was actually thinking about not attending because it would have prevented me from voting. That is how important voting is in my opinion.

By the way we are in deep crunch mode ride now to get everything as flawless as we can get for it but if you are ever interested in a job with the drone industry after November (ok December probably gonna be sleeping most of December so might miss a call or ten) feel free to contact us. We don’t care where our employees live or what they do on their own time(well to a point if an employee turns out to be a serial bomber or a klansman they will be fired right quick!) Everybody on the same level gets payed exactly the same as everybody else. A junior level employee gets payed the same if she is marketing or accountant.

A mid level employee gets payed the same if he is an assistant or customer support specialist.

A senior level employee gets payed the same if she is a janitor or a software dev.

We don’t care everybody's time is valuable and precious. Heck if we were to pay people based on hard work and difficulty highest payed employees will be the cleaning crew(they do more in 15 minutes than the rest of us slobs do all week cleaning after our lazy butts) then customer support followed by marketing and accountants . And most in the industry don’t even notice them especially the first two. I do and am immensely grateful to them. (If anybody that reads this is in any of those fields this bit is intended for you)

Thank you for all your hard work this entire industry wouldn’t even be a ghostly shadow of itself without y’all's hard work and dedication at least 70% of our profit most companies make is directly because YOU set us up to succeed! You think anybody would do business at the 9 figure level with a business that is littered with trash? How many customer would keep using our products if nobody listened to their complaints? Heck how many would even buy a new product if there wasn’t anybody able to accurately, simply, and clearly explain what the heck is being sold to them? And if a company can’t keep their books in order the best thing that can happen is that it goes bankrupt one of the worst would be the IRS is not happy with you(tax law is very simple you are either innocent or guilty and no amount of smooth talk will change that). So yes you all have done more for us than anybody in the industry can ever properly repay. And I am deeply aware that many folks don’t even bother with even pretending to pay lip service to. Please know that some of us are aware of all of this and are actively working on ways to change things for the better. Aside from the fact that it’s the right thing to do there is a simple business driven reason for why the folks working to change these things are doing that. How much profit has the average successful tech company made? Now imagine if everybody in the company was doing well enough that all their needs are provided for and they get to relax and be as creative as they want to be. Imagine all those thousands of people just being able to put a little bit of effort towards scientific technological growth. We would be in other solar systems by now and our species collective wealth would be so vast that it’s impossible for the most creative human in existence to describe.

And I just realize I went into 3 tangents in this post. Sorry! Our company is about to take off like BEYOND BIG TIME and I get very verbose when I’m this excited.

Shuting up now

As I was and good day

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