On Vice President Joe Biden and Civility
John McCain

Senator McCain:

We have very very few commonalities and clearly on various levels including ethnically, politically, ideologically, culturally and socially (just to name the first five that popped into my head).

Having said that I must also say that I respect and admire you. You are an honorable public official that has mostly done good by your people and that has seemed to be the guiding force behind most of your political actions.

And while I can’t honestly say that I agree (or even know! No offense sir but those public records are as long as they are boring always marveled how you all stayed awake for some of them!) with all your votes I genuinely believe that you have never voted to harm anybody in our nation at least not intentionally, in full awareness of the consequences or to the best of your knowledge. After all there is always human error, miscommunications, incorrect or incomplete data. Not even going to mention when someone willfully gives deceitful information. We are humans after all and by our very nature flawed beings.

We are both veterans thankfully I was never a POW and I only got shot twice which I never even reported (on retrospect and clear thinking due to having developed ptsd that remained undiagnosed for 12 years after the fact and some other factors. It was bad but not as bad as it could have been so I am grateful for that and I love where I am in life now it all could have been much much worse) But you Sir you are an exemplar of “Death before Dishonor” And if I where ever to be tested on similar conditions I can only hope that when measured we can see each other eye to eye despite the obvious temptation take the easy way out.

I am telling you all of so that you know that what I am about to say comes from a different more honest place than “conservative bad liberal GOOD” mentality. First of all I am not fully liberal. Secondly conservative or liberal is neither good nor bad both can bring beneficial or devastating results (Mao killed more than Stalin and Hitler combined not through war but by ignorance and fear his super farm policy devastated their food supply and the people around him where so terrified of how he would react that they decided to put a facade around him so that he wouldn’t find out. The implications in this are clear, disturbing and quite sad).

Most important than all of that it is because at the end of the day it actually has nothing to to with conservative or liberal.

On March 20 1854 a small group of white men who rightfully felt shame and disgust at the suffering, injustice and cruelty created by other white men. Decided enough was enough created the Republican Party as a they saw that the Whig Party was simply too useless and that it would have required more more work and time that they willing to put on it. In other words they saw the mess and the broken broom next to it looked at each other and said “Why are we trying to fix this broom it was an ok broom but it wasn’t the best broom ever lets just get a new one”

It worked just over a decade later “We the people” stopped meaning “We the people who are white” unfortunately it took over 94 years after that it also stopped meaning “We the people who are men”. Sadly just because it stopped meaning that it didn’t magically change the behavior of some people just the way they presented themselves to the world.

Since those times many things have change we have done some good things and some bad things. But when I think about it one of the worst has become the most apparent ones in the entire planet. The Republican broke sometime ago and 162 years after it was created the Party of Lincoln has mutated and disfigured beyond all recognition became known as the party of trump.

The most sickening part of that is that was when it became known as that and not when the change happened.

Ask any minority and more likely than not they will equate the Republican party with discrimination racism, misogyny and other similar things. And conservative policy doesn’t really match with what it is actually supposed to mean.

You are a smart man I’m sure you have noticed every now and then that things were odd just a tad offcentered. The thing is trump didn’t do this he just made it ok to fully whole heartedly embrace it he isn’t an outlier he is an exemplar. If that was not the case he would not have been able to win a single vote. Let alone the Republican Nomination.

Now at the beginning the Republican party was clearly liberal then it went conservative and that was ok a nation needs liberal and conservative decision makers. The damage started decades ago you can tell when it started because “conservative” points and interests started ever so slowly to change and morph this year has just made it impossible to deny that it has happened.

So to you the Honorable John McCain you that have given various oaths to serve and protect our great nation. You that saw that your captors offered you freedom as a way to dishonor and disgrace the land that you clearly love so profoundly and gave them an American Good Luck Gesture.

Please please please leave the Republican party. Note that I do not ask you to not be a conservative. I genuinely believe that this nation can benefit greatly served by a conservative party alongside a liberal party just as strongly as I know that despite your efforts and others like you the republican party stopped fitting that description so long ago that the youngest voters have no recollection of this whatsoever.

The “broom” is broken it is so utterly broken that where it displayed with no names just the thing itself nobody would even think it had ever been a broom. And telling you this saddens me so deeply I can’t describe.

It saddens me as much as telling it to “regular” republicans fills me with glee. And this is how I know you are a good honorable decent person.

I’m sorry for the sacrifices for all the pain and for all the indignities you have been forced to endure (just like I would be for any good decent person that goes true different but just as painful hardships). And I’m sorry that the reward for good hard work is more hard work. I do not have the right to demand this of you. But I feel that you are one of the few that can realistically accomplish this. Having experienced all that you have you have the advantage of remembering what a real conservative party looks and would be able to recognize the warning signs before it takes root.

Everybody deserves to just rest after a lifetime of work and service and because the actions of others have destroyed that for so many of our fellow here I am begging you to do the same. I have no right do this to you but like you I gave my word and I keep my word just because I am no longer in the military does not magically wipe the oath I gave what anybody else thinks is irrelevant to this.

And I also ask that if you do decide to heed my word to please include women and also men of color from the get go (hey it helped the Air Force Immensely)

Thank you for your time and patience Sir.


Senior Airman U.S.A.F.(ret)

P.S. keeping out with new tech is a challenge even to those that work with tech. You have had other things on your hands for a good while. So I don’t expect you to actually read this or anything. I just felt like I should at least try. And I’m stating this in the more than average likely event that a troll decides to try and annoy me with it. If I was doing it as a “oh goodness I need this person you read this or we are all doom” I would send it to you in a more conventional manner. But I hope.

I hope you read this and I hope to consider my words

(just as hope trolls will just go away cause the only thing they make me feel is annoyed but you have no authority over that so I digressed)

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