(YAWN) Oh yeah whitewater and after an in depth investigation including scavenging their trash what did they find boy? Zip, Nada, Squat, and Bupkis.

Oh no! The speeches!!! Gosh darn it I wish you hadn’t mentioned those! After all they gave those to companies and banks and yada yada. Just like everybody else. Oh wait Bush gave speeches to! And he charged wounded vets for them after he got them wounded in the first place! Hmmmm funny how everything the repubes accuse Hillary of doing they have done only far far more worse.

Also you simpleton it’s not just a book it’s what people that actually know the good she has done (including foreign heads of state name the guiding principles of her time as Secretary of State (not Secretary of Defense by the way) boy and all that blood lies squarely on the hands of your mancrush team of power liars and thugs known as the Bush Administration.

Grow up boy no mater how many times you tell a lie it is still a lie.