I’m not a Trump supporter, registered Democrat (although I will likely be voting 3rd party due to…
Trent Lapinski

You know what I hear when I read stuff like this? “To hell with women, to hell with people of color”. You Say Clinton is corrupt and that you are not voting for her but has she ever advocated torturing people or making concentration camps or war crimes(plural) his supporters are now talking about armed revolt. But it’s ok because you get to vote your conscience. When was the last time a third party candidate won the presidency? Hell when was the first time? Exactly yet you think that Trump being president is acceptable? In other words you think everybody but white men are expendable.

Gee thanks guy you are a real mensch.

Oh and as for wikileaks first of all it’s so full of bs it could fertilize the farm land of a couple dozen nations. But more importantly than that you are listening to group led by a rapist. Which makes you a rape apologist and that is half a step from a closet rapist.

So congrats and have this medal

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