Even if you suck at it! How to believe in yourself! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

How to Believe in Yourself Even If You SUCK at IT! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

What if the simplest advice in the world is exactly what you need to hear most?

Such as… “You need to believe in yourself!”

But, how the hell do you do that?

Let’s say you don’t believe in yourself enough to make your next move in life, sport, or business! Let’s assume you aren’t playing life full out. You’re hesitating and settling for less and accepting circumstances again. If this is true, you desperately need to read on.

There are only two ways to begin to believe in yourself and one, must follow the other.

Foremost is having someone who believes in you first! There are those who say you must go it alone. That you are the only person you can trust, but it’s not true!

Even the grittiest of heroes faced their challenge with at least one other voice in their head. Perhaps it was the voice of a father from the past, or mother, or friend, or lover. If you lean in close enough, you can learn that behind every hero’s’ story lies the hero’s guide voice. It is the one person who knows just what to say when all the chips are down. It’s the one person who can turn the whole thing around. That voice is what we call the catalyst.

When the voice is heard, the hero rises to the call. And the dominos fall and the day is won!

The second thing that must happen is organic. In other words, it happens automatically. All you must do is see that you are becoming more powerful with every new action you take. You will see that each action leads to more strength, awareness, and endurance and shields the hero (that’s you) even more.

If you suck at believing in yourself, it’s because there is no one in your life worth listening to regarding your failures and successes. No one with the authority, passion, or experience to proof that everything will be okay and you will win the day! The people and voices around you are failing you and you need a new voice. A “hero’s guide.” A voice of power!

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Written by Don Jessop — The breakthrough guy!