Get UP! Get UP! Go! Part 1 Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Get Up and Go Part 1 Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Part 1: 1 reason you need motivation right now!

You’re how old? How much time do you think you have before next year is here?

Let’s just say your 18. You have all the time in the world to become a millionaire (pretend that’s your goal).

You’ve got about 50 working years to figure it out! Let’s face the odds here. People on average take 20 years of hard core disciplined actions to reach millionaire status. Obviously, some do it sooner and later. But if you just go by averages you will be 38 before you reach your millionaire goal. But wait, don’t forget about college. You’re going to lose money for the next 5 years. That makes you 44 when you reach your goal.

But wait! You want to party first. Life is short man, have some fun! How about 2–4 years of party time. Now you’re 47 before you reach your goal.
Wait! What about your family! You’re not just going to abandon them to go after what you want are you? You should raise some kids first. That only takes 20 years per kid. Let’s say you have 2 and you keep them close in age so they can enjoy each other as they grow! That will make you 67 before you reach your goal. OUCH! Screw it! Who wants to be a millionaire anyway?

Maybe you’ll catch a lucky break. Land a job that will satisfy your money goals and your passions.

Statistically you will not find this job! You may, I won’t ever say you won’t for sure! But I am saying this! If you don’t get off your ass now! And put your head into the game, you will lose the game! You will not reach your goal of millionaire! Unless you focus now! GET MOTIVATED!

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