How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go? Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

How Deep Does this Rabbit Hole Go? Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Just how far down does this depression go?

It’s a real question I’ve asked myself in the dark moments of my life. Life used to be easier. I’d say. The future looked bright. But right now. The future doesn’t look bright. And just when it seems like things couldn’t get worse. It does. The car breaks down. You lose your job. You get sick. Some close relative dies.

Maybe depression is like a wormhole in space. Perhaps the deeper it goes, somehow it will eventually emerge into another dimension. I guess that’s hopeful thinking…

If you can relate to any of these deep dark thoughts, raise your hand. I’ve been there. And I know only one way out. I call it the 3-step process. I believe it could work for you like it worked for me. But I’ll be honest. It takes focus and energy. Something you have very little of when you’ve gone deep into depression. And when you’re talking about your life, I always recommend seeing a therapist. I am not a therapist, so you shouldn’t listen to me. I just have my own life experiences and a couple thousand hours studying emotional animal behavior and leadership. None the less, you alone can decide what to focus on and you alone are responsible for your life direction from this day forward. Take great care as you listen and read because what you decide to do, may change your life.

Step 1: Decide what’s most important. Money, time, relationship, career, health. Pick one. They’re all important, but pick one for now. Work on the others later. I can tell you for most people money makes the biggest change. Nearly 80% of all future problems can be solved with money. The more you have, the brighter the future could be. However, there are still many problems that cannot be solved with money. Namely: Health, time, and relationships. Truthfully, even many of these problems can be softened with money, but there remains the reality that healing must take place in each area, independently.

Let’s tackle money first. When you see a decline in money, your nervous system starts firing all the fear instincts. Which, after some time without positive change can lead to depression. When you see an increase in money, your mind relaxes and you start pursuing things you always wanted. It’s that simple. Therefore, one cure to depression is to earn more money. It’s not the only cure. In fact, it only works if money is the real problem. Remember, pick one.

But if money is the problem… then getting money must become the general focus. How? You might ask! How do I get more money? Answer: Work your tail off. Get focused and work harder. Drop the addictive TV watching. Drop the addictive Facebook and news reels. Pick up your pen and paper and start brainstorming. It won’t be easy, but it will give you energy. You’re still a capable human being. Capable of doing more than you think. Plus, working gives you distraction from your negative feelings, forcing air in and out of your lungs at a positive pace. Working re-ignites your purpose, even if you hate your job. Work harder, with the single goal of earning more money. See how it feels. This is how I got out. This may be how you could too.

Health, relationship, time… they all work the same way too. Put your energy into your health and watch it improve. Put your energy into relationships and specifically, your education about relationships, and watch it improve. Put your energy into managing your time and watch it improve.

The real trick, isn’t deciding what to focus on. It’s certainly primary in nature but it’s not all that’s required of you. The real trick is finding the energy to do what you must. Which leads to step 2.

Step 2: Find energy. I have lots of sources to gather energy from. Many, I didn’t even know we’re available to me. One of those sources is a pen and paper. Writing can release tension. Try it. Another source is walking in nature or as close to nature as possible. It doesn’t cure you. It’s not meant to. But it can boost your energy. You need energy to focus on what’s most important. I take a special drink every day to give me more energy. I notice huge energy boosts as a result. If you want, I can share a link to it at the end of the article. What the hell. I’ll share it here and at the end.

Link to drink

I also have friends that I can count on who won’t pull me down further. I don’t need them to pick me up. I just need them to keep me from falling further. Brainstorm your own energy solutions. Then administer them daily in your life. I also write down all the things that steal my energy. I recommend you do the same. One big one of mine is, late night TV. I love it, but it’s killing me.

Step 3: Do something. Don’t do it without the energy. Let me be clear. You won’t last 5 minutes without the energy to both battle your depression and focus on what’s important. That’s why you must first, get clear, second get energy, and third, use the energy to get something done. “Progress equals happiness!” I didn’t say that. Tony Robbins said that. Cloe Madanes said that. Just about anyone interested in personal development said that. Get to work ensuring progress. And after a few short weeks, life will start looking brighter.

Little side note: If relationship is your focus, and you’re depressed because you lost a relationship, just realize this. Fixing YOUR heart is your priority. Not trying to convince someone else to love you. Love yourself first! Get clear. Get energy. Get going!

Don Jessop — the breakthrough guy!

PS. Here is the link to the special drink I use and love!

Vital Reds Energy Drink [good for you too]