How to Become a Millionaire before 64 Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

How to Become a Millionaire before 64 Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

At the time, I’m writing this article I am not a millionaire! And I don’t own a private jet. So, don’t bother reading on any further…


You think; “Maybe this guy could be funny!”
I wish I was! That would be great!
Alas, I’m just good at math and averages!

Let’s say, at 20 years old you discover you want to be a millionaire!
What will it take to get there?

On average, millionaires invest 20 years of hard work and asset development from conceptualizing their millionaire goal to realizing it. The first million is the hardest, right?

With these averages facing your future, you will likely be 40 by the time you get there. Unless…

You decide to go to college. Then you’ll be 44. Unless you decide to raise a family from 24–44. That will take 20 plus years of a different kind of focus. Leaving you at 44 years old before you start.

44 is the year you will be free to start focusing on your goal. Understand? Now you need twenty years to do it. You will reach your goal at 64. Well done!

Depressing, right? Of course, this won’t be you! No! You will focus. You will stay motivated. You will work harder than anyone you know and break the code. Beat the averages!

I hope so. I believe you can.

I’m 35. I dreamed up my million-dollar bank account when I was 15. I should be a millionaire by average standards. But, of course, time is not the real factor hear. Focus and relentless hunger for the goal is what tips you over the millionaire mark. My focus has changed many times over the years. Mostly for the sake of my health and family.

Can I still become a millionaire? Yes. I intend to. The goal just looks a little further away now I’ve had a good dose of the common man’s reality.

So, I give myself the next 20 years to figure it out. I’ll be 55. I’m on track now. I should make it much sooner. But I like to look at reality from time to time and thank the averages for giving me peace of mind when I fall short of my goals, knowing that I am not alone. I also thank reality and averages for giving me motivation to avoid being AVERAGE!

I don’t want to be 64 when I see the fruits of my labor. I want to share my wealth with my family and friends. I hope you do to, because at the end of the day if you don’t have family and friends you don’t need money.

Think about it.

So, the answer to becoming a millionaire before 64 is a four letter word starting with “F”.

Focus! OK. 5 letters. And discipline too.

I’m not the strategy guy. I’m not going to give you wealth tips. Although I think real estate is a good idea! What I give is motivation, focus and emotional support for any goal you have! It’s where my real passion lives and I’m very good at it. You will discover anything you want is possible when you have the confidence and emotional discipline to withstand reality and maintain your focus.

Don Jessop — the breakthrough guy!

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