How to Change the Voice in your Head? Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

How to Change the Voice in Your Head Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Just one positive thing swimming around a sea of negative thoughts! How do you change it? How do you change the little voice inside that keeps insisting on giving up or any other negative outcomes?

The answer comes in three steps:

Step 1: Listen but don’t respond!
This means you must not ignore the voices, you must acknowledge them. Don’t agree, just listen. Don’t respond with action, just listen! Allow. 
The Man from Snowy River said “You work with a horse, not against it!”

Step 2: Reward the only voice that supports you!
This means you must wait for a positive thought! Any positive thought! It could be a compliment about yourself or a picture of a brighter future. It could be as simple as thinking you like apples or bananas.

When it happens, you must reward it! Emotionally we respond well to rewards. Changing our thought patterns can be as simple as rewarding the right thoughts.

Step 3: Repeat step one and two!

Repetition is the mother of all skill.

But how does one reward a positive thought? You might ask!

Answer: The same way you reward other people when they say something nice to you… You thank them! Well at least I hope you thank them. Don’t turn their compliment away, because that would be rejecting positive thought patterns.

If you really want to go crazy with it. Reward by touching your shoulder or elbow, smiling and saying thank you, all at the same time. The same way you would for someone you love!

Stand up and bow, if you’re a true extrovert, but if you do nothing else, say thank you! Time after time, day after day. Stop long enough to close your eyes and repeat step one and two and watch how in just 2 short weeks (3–5 minutes per day) your whole perspective on life will become brilliant!
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Don Jessop- the breakthrough guy!