Oh’ The things I tell myself! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Oh the Things I tell myself! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Wonder what goes on in my head? I’ll tell you…

I am alone.

Out of control.


I’m not enough.


The world isn’t giving me what I hoped for.

…I’m dying.

But I fight it. Every day I fight it. Every day!

I fight back the fear because when I stop fighting those voices and buy into their simple message, I become what I fear.

There are those who would say that denying what’s really inside is dangerous. And in the spirit of modern psychology I would agree. When I look at each statement, I can see their simple truths.

Sometimes, I do feel alone.

Sometimes, I am out of control.

I do get tired.

I often feel inadequate and scared.

The world has been harder than I imagined.

And Yes, I am dying. Ever since I was born I was dying. Are we not all dying?
Therefore… since we’re all dying anyway I might as well tell myself a new story. A story that has a chance to make a difference, because the old one isn’t working out for me. A story that is not so “doom and gloom.” A story that inspires! Here is my new story:

Years have passed, and I am still here!

The world is tough, but I am still here!

I am scared, but I AM COURAGOUS TOO!

I may never feel “enough”, but who does? I’m still here.

It’s ok to feel tired, out of control, and alone. Yet, in spite of all that. I am still here. Alive! Going strong. Above ground, kicking, bleeding, breathing! 
The future I dream of, may never happen, but I will not shrink away!

I am a fighter!

Who are you?

“What you listen to directs your life!”

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