Apple Notes is the most innovative thing Apple did in the last two years
Matt Haughey

When Evernote changed freemium status for emails-to-folders service, I discovered gmail labels. This has been a constant fixture for me over the last two years. I use both Apple and Msft devices so needed something that was device independent and trustworthy. Now I send myself stuff in form MyEmail+LabelName@GMAIL.COM and item goes directly into one of many folders (although they don’t call them folders, that is what they are)

I have folders for future travel, blog ideas, product ideas, random observations, etc. After sending once, email pops up by default when I type first leter of email address.

I don’t want to ever ever lose a brilliant idea. I tried Notes but, I feel I need a copy somewhere else and I have a kid that has wiped my iPhone twice. Also I have vivid memories of palm pilots synching empty content over actual content, i.e., wiping clean. Color me paranoid.

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