Three Interesting Colleague’s I Have Met In This Bootcamp

Three days into The Andela Bootcamp everyone is beginning to feel the heat, each days challenge is highly demanding with a deadline that seems nearly impossible. It is at times like this when people are tensed that the true colour everyman is made manifest.

Honestly I doubt anyone can go through a whole day of The Andela Bootcamp alone (let alone two weeks), as such I’ve come to be attached to certain people who have in one way or the other made my bootcamp experience so far worthwhile by providing intellectual and moral support daily.

One of the people that have made my Andela journey thus far fun is my old friend Olaide Ebenezer Oladipo. He is such a gentleman with a great sense of humour, even on the day of our interview with Andela his responses to the question were rather hilarious, to crown it off he happens to be a very intelligent fellow. Olaide has helped me out severally when I get stuck while coding and he has the habit of checking up on people.

Mr Kingsley Ibeh (the only married man in my group) has an inspiration to me judging from the fact that he is able to juggle family life with work and still perform outstandingly in The Andela Bootcamp. He is more like a father figure, always ready to share his life experiences and ideas. Some of the materials I used in this bootcamp are from him (and he even drops me off on his way home).

I must not forget the only lady in the my group, Eberechi. What interests me most about her is her ability slow but steady kind of life. She is never in a hurry and never ceases to ask questions when she is not clear on something.

So far I believe that the bonds created here in the Andela Bootcamp is much more important than getting the fellowship because one of the core values of Andela is collaboration and how can you collaborate without making friends.