What is a Process Engineer?

Don Pferdehirt
Dec 13, 2018 · 2 min read
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Donald Lee Pferdehirt began his long career at Bayer Corporation in 1984 where he started as a process engineer. Over the course of his career at Bayer, Don Pferdehirt held several roles and finished as head of Polyurethanes Manufacturing at the Houston, TX facility. Today, Don Pferdehirt is the president of ChemOps Insights LLC, a consulting company specializing in chemical processes based in Spring, TX. In order to maintain and optimize manufacturing processes, many companies hire process engineers, individuals who are uniquely equipped with chemical and manufacturing knowledge as well as logistical expertise.

A process engineer is an essential component of productive and profitable manufacturing processes in the chemical, agricultural, mineral, food, and pharmaceutical industries. With a thorough knowledge of chemical and industrial processes, they are responsible for the design, implementation, control, and optimization of manufacturing.

By thoroughly examining and assessing every level of manufacturing systems, process engineers work to find new technologies that will make things more efficient and profitable and monitor existing equipment to make sure it is functioning correctly and to necessary standards. They also perform risk assessments, provide documentation to executives, and design computer simulations that analyze how changes will impact the bottom line.

Process engineers come from many different fields but must possess a thorough knowledge of process theory and computer-aided technology.

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