The advice that no one gave me when I started my business was, don’t rely on anyone. You gamble on thinking that even if they might share your vision, that they’ll go through it with you. Some people just don’t want to do that. Some people want handouts before they jump in. I call it the 9 to 5 mindset. It’s that mindset that makes people only want to jump in and out of comfortable situations that make them happy before they work. Building a business isn’t COMFORTABLE, and I think it takes a special type of person to be so passionate about something, that they’re willing to be uncomfortable, and frustrated and depressed, BUT still keep going. But the title Entrepreneur is an admirable crown, as heavy as it sits. Some are even so excited at the chance to be one, they jump in, and then when the honeymoon is over, and they’re left with the real challenges, when things are so bleak, they won’t be around. So while you wait to find someone who shares that entrepreneurial spirit, you might end up far behind. Don’t rely on anyone, if you have an idea, do it now, entrepreneurship is lonely, and leading often is.

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