Nature Trust of British Columbia Works to Restore Salmon River Estuary

Experienced in the oil and mining industries, Don Rutledge of North Vancouver most recently spent five years engaged in multiple projects in Montana. Back home in the Vancouver region, Don Rutledge supports the work of the Nature Trust of British Columbia, a nonprofit committed to acquiring and protecting ecologically significant land.

In pursuit of this commitment, the Nature Trust of British Columbia manages several priority projects, including the restoration of a 165-acre section of the Salmon River Estuary. Located near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, the site, which the trust acquired in 2015, abuts a 257-acre plot of land that the trust and its partners have controlled for nearly 40 years.

As the sole coastal wetland habitat of any significance in the region, the Salmon River Estuary is of critical importance to various fish, including each of the five species of Pacific salmon. Wildlife like the northern pygmy owl also call the estuary home, as do the overwhelming majority of the province’s 3,200 Roosevelt elk.

To assist it in ensuring the viability of this habitat for fish and wildlife, the Nature Trust of British Columbia asks for the financial contributions of the public. To learn how to make a donation, visit the trust online at

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