Everything Korea August 15 Solution-Based Korea Facing

To follow up on last week’s popular commentary, I’d like to also share another resource….my highly regarded book from 2013, Korea Facing: Secrets for Success in Korean Global Business. In particular, it provides solid hands-on solutions to the many challenges in the global workplace. Working with so many of you, I, too, see the issues…daily.

The book’s focus was an ever-growing number of people employed by a Korean-based company outside South Korea. We know the challenges and, in particular, business norms, practices, and the decision-making processes vary across cultures. Expecting teams to “get it” seldom works. Hoping new employees and management can recognize and grasp Korean corporate norms is like throwing someone into a pool and assuming they will swim, not sink.

Who else will benefit?

Likewise, if your firm provides services or products to a South Korean overseas subsidiary or operations the exclusive coaching and consulting service will be beneficial and offer tactics to strengthen and maintain the relationship.

Finally, if your company has significant business in Korea, but leadership and headquarters are located in the West, we offer key management with coaching on how best to deal with pressing issues and challenges that surface.

Frankly, in all three cases I have had extensive experience. In each case I have seen people and companies both fail and succeed. Our coaching service will provide a roadmap to avoid the pitfalls, navigate around the roadblocks, and thrive.

In many cases, Korean leadership and teams have openly shared their challenges and pressing concerns along with the inner workings of the company with hopes I would “assist” in educating their overseas teams in the firm’s vision, values, procedures, and methods.

In sum, I have offered hundred of hours of coaching, consulting, and training to both leadership and team employed by Korean firms, and to firms providing key services to their Korean partners.

To Dig Deeper

Here’s a link to “solution-packed” Korea Facing in a Complimentary PDF copy: http://unbouncepages.com/korea-facing/, or you can request a PDF from my personal assistant Stacey at stacey@koreabcw.com.

As Always….

Have a Korea-facing situation that needs addressing? Need some insights into Korea-facing challenges? In many cases, we can provide solutions and workarounds. Questions@koreabcw.com