In my role as educator, father, and entrepreneur, I have loved the power video. Video has not only been a way to transmit our mission and vision publicly, but it has been an even better reflection tool. In my high school class, I tried to implement our cycle of innovation, an acronym of “ROTH-IRA” (Realization/Open Discussion/Tussle/Heterogeneous grouping/ Iteration/Reflect/Adjust).

The “ROTH” part was the conceptual part. …

I have often taught my students to provide value to people first. Not in a transactional way, but with people and organizations that they are passionate about.

Its a simple enough concept- show that you want to support the mission/vision in anyway possible. Learn how to fit your skills to the cause and observe the process. In having a front row seat to the mission, you will gain experience and find future collaborators. It’s like getting a free education, with the benefit of creating strong bonds.

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But what if you aren’t young anymore? What if you don’t have the time to collaborate because YOUR mission is important to you? …

Seven years ago I started a class called “Innovation and Open Source Learning,” after I watched Daniel Pink’s TED talk. The talk was centered around what motivates people in the workplace- Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose, and how most companies have assumed it was financial “if/then” rewards. If you haven’t witnessed the TED talk, please do yourself a favor and watch it.

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My Innovation Class (Trying to get Will.I.Am to message back)

So while the talk was about the workplace, I immediately thought of what motivates students. I thought:

“Instead of money, do students work for grades… and if so, would students respond to mastery, autotomy and purpose in the way Daniel Pink had talked about?” …

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