Students Need Purpose- Then Product

Don Wettrick
Mar 1, 2018 · 4 min read
My Innovation Class (Trying to get Will.I.Am to message back)

What I witnessed over the past seven years has been eye-opening, if not troubling, because it takes a LONG time for high school students to consider the “mastery, autotomy, and purpose” because they’ve been taught to focus solely on the grade, the test, and “tips” on how to get into college. In short, its rarely about the purpose, and all about the compliance.

The Hard Part of Genius Hour: Purpose over Compliance

Students Become The Experts

Don Wettrick

Written by

Author, Pure Genius: Creating a Culture of Innovation & Taking 20% to the Next Level Intl Speaker/Presenter. Innovation Coordinator Noblesville HS.

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