Don’t break the Chain

Jerry Seinfeld’s Method for Creative Success

Don’t break the chain is one of the first techniques I’ve used to fight procrastination and focus my mind on a given task at hand.

It’s widely known that habits at the end of the day make winners or losers. Winners form good habits such as training everyday, writing everyday, studying a foreign language everyday, that over time end up being the deciding factor on whether they become successful or not.

Don’t break the chain is a really useful method for forcing yourself to focus on their tasks and to continue to do something when it doesn’t suit.

The principle is as follows:

  • First figure out what goal you would like to attain
  • What steps/habit will you need to have each day that will get you there
  • Get a regular calendar and mark with a big red marker when you have accomplished the task

It’s extremely simple but very effective.

There’s great satisfaction in marking off each day as you continue the chain of red marks. It also gives you a good idea of when/why you fall off the bandwagon and allows you to better prepare for those eventualities.

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