A Night With Police
Matt Amha

Hi Matt,

Well told, my friend. And while I haven’t yet listened to your audio recording (and I will), I am a big fan of citizens recording their interactions with any authorities. Just don’t forget that even with a recording, it is a sad truth that powerful authorities can and will simply ignore credible evidence when it suits them.

Just one thing missing from your story — Police officers often act as they do because they are frightened. “Scared witless” as we say (or something like that).

Despite everything, try to understand a bit of that fear factor, not that it excuses anything but just try to understand it. Think about the reality of being thrust into five or six or ten situations an hour where there is potential danger, unknown people and high energy on both sides. It’s a wonder that we don’t have more incidents that end badly.

Thanks for a good read.

Donald Best

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