“When Social Security was introduced in 1935, it was meant to be a supplement — it was never intended to be a primary source of income,” explains Don Dirren an Arizona Financial Advisor. “Things are a little different now. Social Security planning is a vital part of achieving lifetime income sufficiency.”

View Social Security As An Annuity Says Don Dirren

“People are living so much longer than they did in 1935,” says Don Dirren. So it’s more important than ever to maximize your Social Security benefit. I like to tell my clients to think of it as an annuity for their lifetime.”

Don Dirren continues, “There is no other…

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Financial advisor Don Dirren recently offered his expert tips on how to legally pay zero taxes in retirement.

PHOENIX, AZ / JULY, 2020 / Retirement is a stage in life many people anticipate. It’s a time when stresses about work and money are meant to be minimal. However, that’s not necessarily the way it works for many retirees, as a number of financial surprises can arise. Financial advisor Don Dirren recently discussed unexpected taxes during retirement and how to avoid them legally.

Don Dirren explained that those who have been putting their retirement savings…

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Phoenix, Arizona — ( NewMediaWire ) — July 7, 2020 — With the increasing cost of long-term care and home care coverage throughout the United States, there are a number of crucial considerations that should be taken into account when contemplating life insurance paired with coverage for long-term care needs. That’s according to Don Dirren, a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry and a licensed financial advisor, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It’s important to get advice from a competent financial adviser who can provide you with the…

Financial advisor Don Dirren proudly offers a free expert insight into tax planning for those in or entering retirement.

Utilizing a two-part approach to educating and advising retirees and soon-to-be retirees on their tax planning needs, veteran financial advisor Don Dirren is celebrated for his illustrations of real-life scenarios in simplifying the topic. Here, Dirren proudly offers details of his approach for free to those looking to find out more.

“It’s becoming increasingly important that each of us understands how to manage our taxes in retirement,” says Social Security planning specialist, licensed financial advisor, and insurance expert Don Dirren. …

Phoenix-based financial advisor Don Dirren provides expert insight into maximizing benefits via Social Security planning.

A veteran of the financial services industry, Donald Dirren has now been a licensed financial advisor for more than three decades. Based in Arizona and an expert in Social Security planning, Dirren offers an overview of how best to plan for the future by maximizing available benefits.

“Successful Social Security planning is, ultimately, about maximizing benefits for you and your household,” explains licensed financial advisor Donald Dirren, speaking from his office in the Arizona state capital city of Phoenix.

Administered by the U.S. Social Security…

A Retirement Income Plan is Easy with the Help of a Trusted Advisor Like Don Dirren

Maintaining a healthy income in retirement can seem like a daunting task. But with a little direction from a licensed financial advisor like Don Dirren, setting up the right plan can be simple. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps with the help of a trusted advisor. Income planning is a critical step in retirement planning as it will set you up for financial success for years to come.

Don Dirren

Donald Dirren Showcases Best Methods of Reducing Taxes on Social Security Benefits

Arizona-based financial advisor Donald Dirren shares an expert look at how best to reduce taxes on Social Security benefits.

From saving in an individual retirement account to set up what’s known as tax withholding, a variety of methods exist to legitimately reduce taxes on Social Security benefits. An Arizona-based Social Security planning specialist from Phoenix, Donald Dirren shares a closer look at the process and explains more about the matter, particularly in regards to retirement planning.

“From the outset, stay below the taxable thresholds relevant to what your provisional income is,” says Donald Dirren, a popular financial advisor…

Financial advisor Don Dirren recently discussed his top tips for developing a plan for mitigating risk and maximizing income prior to retirement.

Saving for retirement is not an easy task. It involves assessing and taking into account a number of risks. Simply put, the more money you set aside from retirement, the less risk you have of running out of money. Recently, financial advisor Don Dirren offered his top tips for developing a risk and income plan for retirement.

First, Don Dirren suggested setting two very important goals. The first goal Don Dirren suggests is the amount of money you…

Don Dirren Talks Retirement Planning, Why It’s So Important, and How to Create an Effective Plan

Don Dirren is a licensed financial advisor at the Bergen Financial Group in Arizona. He has owned and operated two brokerage firms and has been advising individuals for more than three decades, but it is much more than just a job to him. Don Dirren truly loves working with his clients to help them achieve financial peace of mind and protect their wealth. This passion drives his daily life.

As a very experienced financial advisor, Don Dirren puts a lot of emphasis on planning…

Financial advisor Don Dirren is helping clients with tax planning strategies in retirement. These strategies are designed to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing retirement income for retirees of all ages. There are multiple variables covered during tax planning sessions.

Don Dirren evaluates clients’ deductions to discern whether the standard or itemized deduction will result in the minimum tax liability. This includes an analysis of available tax write-offs and the impact on clients’ portfolios. Accelerated retirement contributions for those still working in retirement are also examined for feasibility and practicality.

In addition, Don Dirren also reviews the deferment of retirement plan…

Donald Matthew Dirren

Don Dirren is a financial advisor in Arizona. He focuses on retirement planning ad educating residents to help preserve, protect and pass on their wealth.

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