Donald Marr has served as president and CEO of Diversified Investment Group since 1993, supervising the acquisition and development of significant real estate projects. Donald Marr believes in the importance of sustainable practices in his development of resorts, golf courses and other real estate projects.

Businesses that pursue sustainable development strive to operate in a socially responsible manner and protect the environment. Here are some ways companies can implement sustainable practices:

Incorporate sustainability into the mission statement — Showing commitment and stressing that employee performance will be measured against the stated goals will ensure the mission is taken seriously.

Measure and report progress — The company should develop benchmarks to measure its success in achieving social, environmental and economic goals. Measurements allow the company to know where it has failed and succeeded, so it can improve. …

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Donald Marr is a respected executive in the international resort and real estate development sphere and has guided high profile projects across the world. Emphasizing sustainability as a key attribute of course design, Donald Marr is committed to incorporating green principles into new developments.

A Golf Monthly article posed the question of what exactly makes a course sustainable, positing the composition of the turf as foundational. …

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An avid golfer, Donald Marr has enjoyed meeting celebrities such as Jack Nicklaus outside of his professional work in real estate. Donald Marr currently serves as the president and chief executive officer of Diversified Investment Group where he has managed projects on an international scale.

A property development firm, Diversified Investment Group emphasizes the use of environmentally sound development practices. In the United States, environmental protection and the development of green building standards is the responsibility of the the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA has developed multiple green building programs since its founding in 1970. These include sustainable development initiatives such as the Smart Growth Program. The program identifies and encourages strategies that can grow communities while also improving economic opportunities and protecting the environment. …


Donald Marr

Donald Marr possesses a broad range of experience undertaking large-scale development projects across the world.