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The Power of No Zero Days In Business

Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work.

A marathon is the sum of over 55,000 steps. Anyone with the ability to walk can run one singular step, but less than 1% of people will ever complete a marathon.

Of course when it comes to running businesses, the same rules hold true. Over 5mm business actually get started each year, but 80% of them are non-employer firms, and only 20% of non-employer firms ever hit more than 50k in revenue annually.

Note that I didn’t mention profits.

Another sad fact is that the number of businesses has actually decreased for the first time in…well since these metrics were first recorded.

This is a problem, and while I recently argued about the long term stability of being an entrepreneur, starting a business doesn’t guarantee anything whatsoever. The short-term effects of entrepreneurship are absolutely terrible, and not everyone is equipped to handle it.

So how do we bridge the gap between merely starting a business, and gaining enough profit to secure your future with it? How do we go from taking the first step to completing the marathon?

The answer is in the power of day to day consistency.

Awhile back, I read an amazing comment on a post by someone that understands the power of progress. Max, the original poster, was down in the dumps about himself, his life, and his future. Max felt that he had it within him to do great things, but he would do something he felt great about, have an initial high which would wear off, and he would spiral back into depression and immobility.

Ryan introduced the many Redditors (including myself) to the concept of No Zero Days. The premise is simple.

Do one thing that helps you progress towards your goal, each and every day.

Sound too easy? It’s surprising the number of people that do not do this. Most of us, even the more ambitious among us, sprint. Like Max, we do the things that help us get to where we want to do for a period of time, and then we stop. We take a one day break from working out that turns into weeks and months. We diet sporadically. We have “side projects” that stall out and never become a full blown business.

Sometimes the best things for us to achieve success are the simplest.

If you’re having trouble getting in the habit of working out, do exactly 1 push up, every single day. When you drop and do the one, you’ll probably convince yourself then and there to crank out a few more.

I’ve been doing this with my writing! I have a big hairy audacious goal this year to hit 250,000 words of content. It’s going to be difficult for me, but I think it’s possible. Even though right now I’m not putting out a post a day (which I will have to build up to) I have been writing at least one word a day.

Keep it simple. Do something that will help you, and do it daily.