Donald Sonn: Expert Businessman

Dr. Donald Sonn is a man of many talents, something that he has showcased over the course of his life and career. He has undertaken many different and interesting challenges as well as job positions that have made him a valuable and versatile asset to the business world. Donald even currently works for a recruiting company as head of a department designer to find talent. He has been doing this for quite some time now and says that the best thing that you can have in this field is a keen sense of how business works.

Dr. Donald Sonn says that people are amazing because of their potential and what we are capable of, and that all things worth doing were never easy to do. He says that working hard has been a value that he has had instilled in him ever since he was a child, and that his father always emphasized its importance. To put it shortly, he has a strong work ethic, one that has set an example for his employees and peers alike, winning Donald their admiration.
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