Donald Sonn: Overcoming Fear

Dr. Donald Sonn says that he enjoys skiing so much because they give you a sense of freedom, and the ability to traverse difficult terrain seamlessly. Overcoming challenges is not just useful for your profession, but personally as well, because bolstering your own confidence will make you better at anything you do. Donald’s love and devotion to the sport of skiing won him many awards and medals, only further proving that his philosophy of working hard always pays off. Donald Sonn says that if you study and practice the courses, getting more familiar with both your skis and the area, that is how you get the valuable bits of information that will be the difference between victory and defeat when the real run starts.

Donald Sonn says that rising up to a challenge and conquering it is one of the greatest feelings on the planet. He is one of those rare individuals that doesn’t just conquer his fears, he embraces them. He loves to seek adventure, which is why he became a skier and racer in his younger years, tearing down many snow drifts and embankments, thrilled by the chase. He is the kind of man who not only meets a challenge head on, but he seeks them out, not just to prove to others that he can do it, but to prove it to himself as well. He says that commitment is always the determining factor for whether a competitor succeeds or not, and that the world of skiing is no different. That is why he says it is so important to constantly challenge yourself and move forward, conquering and claiming your mountain, whatever one it may be.

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