Dr. Donald Sonn: A Good Education

Dr. Donald Sonn says that getting a good education isn’t just a matter of locating a good job, but a way of developing and growing as a person that will help lead you into prosperity as well as a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. He says that the beauty of education is that it is openly available to everyone, especially since the inception of powerful learning tools like the internet. Donald Sonn says that this education is what will make the development and growth of future generations so much faster than that of our own, bringing us towards a better understanding of the universe at a faster rate than ever. He says that this information system is crucial as a role player for the future technologies and ideologies that will erupt, as more and more of the world’s population are receiving an education and understanding of the world that once only belonged to a very small portion of the population, the wealthy. Donald is a strong believer in a good education and what that can provide for an individuals personal and professional future. Never before has such a massive data bank of information existed that is free to access to anybody with internet access.

Dr. Donald Sonn says that things like self-actualization or nirvana can only be achieved by properly educating yourself to achieve a higher understanding of the world around you. He says that now the world is capable of arming itself with knowledge it previously didn’t’ have access to, leveling the proverbial playing field for the rich and poor alike for developing new technologies, religions, and philosophies. He says that the key to a brighter future lies in educating the masses about the many subjects that humans have learned about over the ages.

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