Lead Generating With Text Messages

Text messaging has quickly become one of the most widely used forms of personal communication. Naturally, Realtors see the value of text messaging for communication with clients once they have established a client / real estate agent relationship. But very few use Text messaging as a strategic part of their lead generation process. In a recent study by Velocify an Inside Sales research group, found that text messaging can double your conversion rate if the messages are sent after initial contact.

The research found that prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages. However, this metric does not tell the whole story because it dilutes the full potential of text messaging, which the research found can actually improve conversion by more than 100% when used properly. Driving down the average conversion gain is the often inappropriate use of texting before a relationship with a prospect is developed. In fact, the research showed that sending text messages to a prospect prior to making contact on the phone decreased the likelihood of ever contacting that lead by 39%.

The message now becomes much clearer: itʼs not in a Real Estate Agentʼs best interest to text prior to establishing contact with a prospect. However, texting after contact has been made can help significantly improves conversion results. This data suggests that texting in business is an earned privilege. Much like sending flowers to someone before meeting them, sending a text prior to making contact with a prospective customer can be perceived as forcing an early personal relationship where one does not yet exist.

Using the same example, sending flowers after a good first or second date is much more likely to be well received. But very few prospects are sent text messages after contact is made today. In fact, the research found that less than 1% of contacted prospects are sent text messages after contact is made. This is clearly an incredible growth opportunity for sales organizations not currently taking advantage of this effective form of communication.

The Success is in the Follow Up

So how many text messages should you send? The research showed that as long as text messaging is used responsibly, Real Estate Agents may want to send as many text messages as the interaction with prospects might require. Research suggests that sending three or more purposeful and engaging text messages after contact has been made with a prospect can increase conversion rates by 328%.

I’ve found that the best way to use this is by integrating within your phone script or outline with the intent of directing cold or warm leads to your blog or website where they can either register or get to know you, your product or services to them:

Lead Capture Website or Direct to Blog Text: Insert into Conversation:

Agent: Tell me, what other sites have you been using for your search?

Prospect: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com

Agent: Great Sites! Do you mind if I tell you about ours?

Prospect: Yeah Sure

Agent: As you know sometimes information on Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com is outdated. This can be heartbreaking if you think you FOUND the perfect house and then later find out that it was for sale three years ago I would hate for that to happen to you so while we search would you mind using our site www.yourwebsite.com designed to be faster more accurate more up to speed on market changes and works on mobile devices.

Prospect: Yeah Zillow is outdated sometimes sure, I’ll take a look at it!

Agent: Could I text the link over to you now as well as one of our blogs about features on our site.

Prospect: Sure!

Agent: Awesome it’s on the way now Just let me know when you receive it.

Recruiting Text: Insert into Conversation:

Agent: We would love for you to come talk to our Broker about what our office an offer.

Prospect: I would rather not all he is going to try and do is push me to join a team.

Agent: Completely understand could I send text you an article we have on our careers blog about the benefits of joining a†team.

Prospect: Yeah Sure

Agent: Awesome it goes over some of the pros and cons from an objective

perspective Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Prospect: Yeah, I‘ll take a look at it but I won’t promise anythingÆ

Agent: Awesome! it’s on the way now www.bit.ly Link Just let me know when you receive it.

With both of these scripts, the agent who sent it will want to continue to follow up with them concerning the content that was sent with the goal of getting the conversation to extend past three appropriate text messages. If you’re reading this and are thinking about something like a blog post or website you could send in your text message strategy IF you had it, please send your content creation request to Justin at justinlindsey@kw.com

You can see the complete Velosify study here http://pages.velocify.com/rs/leads360/images/Text-Messaging-for-Better-Sales-Conversion.pdf

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