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Develope strong relationships with Indigenous communities

About Indigenous Education Foundation

Indigenous Education Foundation (IEF) was founded in 2014 to reduce poverty amongst Indigenous peoples. They do this by empowering communities to develop and sustain their own cultural-based education solutions. IEF was built from the ground up to empower a marginalised community in the Mentawai Islands, whom had initiated a strategy to reconnect with their Indigenous culture but lacked important resources to get their program off the ground. IEF Founder, Rob Henry, had been living with the Mentawai since 2009, gathering research and documentation on the impacts of cultural displacement. As a result, through listening to the community, IEF’s empowerment and capacity-building approach was born.

Indigenous Education Foundation Mission

Indigenous Education Foundation mission is to to empower Indigenous communities to reconnect with their culture, where culture includes:

  • Land and resource use
  • Language
  • Traditional ecological knowledge
  • Beliefs, mythology and spirituality
  • Song and story
  • Food
  • Ceremony
  • Economic prosperity

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