5 Of Our Favourite Charity Videos

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Charity videos that convey a compelling message in a creative manner are an incredibly effective way of connecting with people, and can give a message the best chance of achieving viral distribution. While even videos that seem to have achieved virality organcially do actually require a comprehensive marketing plan behind them, if the content isn’t engaging in the first place, viewers will never share them anyway. So on that theme, here are 5 of the most engaging, creative and touching videos that had us liking, Tweeting and sharing them everywhere!

1. The homeless read mean tweets — Raising The Roof Canada

Raising the Roof Canada took a popular comedic segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s chat show featuring celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves and put the spotlight on homeless people instead. The resulting video both humanises the homeless, while putting the focus on the public’s often inhuman attitude towards rough sleepers.

See if you can keep your lip from quivering to Cheryl’s heartwrenching final answer of “far from it” in response to the question “if home is where the heart is, are homeless people heartless?”

Find out more at humansforhumans.ca.

2. First World Problems — WATERisLIFE

In a similar vein to the Humans for Humans campaign, First World Problems took the #FirstWorldProblems trend of complaining about trivial inconveniences in affluent people’s modern day life and having them read out earnestly by Haitians in wildly contrasting environments. The juxtaposition of these most minimal of needs against the most basic of them, water, puts them firmly in perspective.

Find out more: WATERisLIFE

3. Thousands learn the hard way — can you see their potential? — The Prince’s Trust

This illuminating video from The Prince’s Trust reframes young people who come from difficult backgrounds as determined and resourceful. In a short space of time, several of the challenges that young people supported by The Prince’s Trust could face are shown, making a case clear for why they deserve an opportunity.

Find out more: The Prince’s Trust

4. Listen: 60 — No More

Focusing primarily on a phone conversation between a woman and the emergency services, this video combines haunting visuals with what at first seems like an innocuous wrong number, but slowly becomes apparent to be an ongoing domestic abuse incident. The story stems from a real life incident in which a woman made a phone call under the pretence of a pizza order to summon the emergency services to her house. As the reality of the situation dawns on the viewer, the empty house and the palpable fear in the caller’s voice gains significance, making the video even more impactful.

Find out more: NO MORE

5. How to look your best the morning after — Refuge

With a shocking 2 women killed every week in the UK as a result of domestic abuse, encouraging victims to seek help can truly be a lifesaver. Refuge took the smart approach of collaborating with vlogger Lauren Luke to put a spin on make up tutorials that are prevalent on YouTube. On top of producing a clever video that made the viewer think, by working with a vlogger with their own large audience of followers in the target demographic, Refuge were able to benefit twice over.

Find out more: Lauren Luke — Don’t cover it up campaign