Chennai Pola Oru Oorae Ilaa!!

Image : Pixabay

I might be a little late, just saw this video . Although it seemed a little clichéd that i am reading this on the 377th birthday of Chennai. I believe that this video in all of its 5 minutes of glory embodies what Chennai encompasses #madrasweek.

Spirit Of Chennai

To all my fellow human beings who think Chennai people are arrogant stubborn or mean or whatever well this is who we really are. We respect everyone the way they are. Yes cinema is in our blood we celebrate it, yes we are passionate about our superstars and treat them as gods . We love our cricket, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are the best fans in the IPL #whistlepodu.

We love Tamil we would never give it up but we also value our fellow humans. We did not wait for the rescue team, the police or the army. We the people of Chennai be it a multi millionaire, a Star, a common man were on the streets helping our fellow beings by doing whatever we could. The one time where i saw all the people no matter what religion,caste or social status helping each other out. The flood did bring us together and we did show the world what unity and humanity is. I appreciate the people all over India who did help the people in whatever way they could.

I am from Coimbatore but I am proud that i got to live by myself for the first time in a place like Chennai for more than a year and a half (did visit my grandparents in Chennai every year from my childhood)and Chennai taught me a lot in that very short period. It will and always be my favorite place and I wish hope whatever that i get to live in Chennai in the years to come. I had to do this.

Chennai deserves more than just a celebration, like they say chance ae illaaa chennai pola oru oorae ilaa. Proud to have been there. Spread love. CHENNAI FTW!!!!