[Nodejs] Express, Vue + (heroku)

Dongmin Jang
Feb 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Let’s deploy Express server including vuejs.

dev-environment : vue-cli 3 beta.2 , express 4.16.0


— app

….| — express-app

….| — vue-app


  1. use express-generator (http://expressjs.com/en/starter/generator.html)
sudo npm install express-generator -g
express --view=pug app_name
npm start
npm install -g @vue/cli
vue create vue-app

There are 2 options.

You choose default option, will be simple dev-env including bable, eslint.

If you choose manually option, you will select some like blow.

I don’t need typescript
eslint + formatter
unit test
e2e test
config files

move to vue-app

complete install

type “yarn serve”

enter “localhost:8080”


It’s not over yet.

Do you want vue-router history mode?


import Vue from "vue";

~/app/express-app > npm install — save connect-history-api-fallback


var index = require('./routes/index');

finish set router history mode.

We have to build vue-app.

Express will use vue-app build files.

~/app/vue-app > yarn build --dest ../express-app/public

~/app/express-app >DEBUG=myapp:* npm start

enter “localhost:3000”

It’s express web server using vue.



** If you set vue-cli pwa usging vue-cli 3 beta.1, there is a error. but, it already solved. beta.2 is ok.

I will deploy on heroku using github.

Let’s make github repository.

make github repo

Copy your repo url

Set your local git.

Push your work to remote branch.

ignore node_modules/

You could see files on github repo.

Make heroku.

click create app

Move to deloy tap. and type your github repo name.

click search

Click connet.

Click ‘Enable Automatic Deploys’.

Ok.. finish??? enter your heroku app url.

oh my god!

Let’s push again.. It will be auto deploy.

second commit

Did auto deploy!

go your heroku app url.



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