10 MBA Programs With Higher Acceptance Rates

Reported by Karen Gonsavles — Dongrila Inc. Editorial Board

Applying to graduate business programs can be stressful, especially for MBA applicants who are applying to a reach school.

MBA hopefuls worrying about getting into business school may find it reassuring to know there are full-time MBA programs that accept most applicants.

Full-time acceptance rates at these MBA programs were more than 30 percentage points higher than the overall average acceptance rate among all ranked programs, which was 45.7 percent.

The Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University, where 94.5 percent of applicants for the fall 2016 entering class were admitted, had the highest full-time MBA program acceptance rate.

In contrast, the most selective full-time MBA program was at Stanford University, where only 6 percent of fall 2016 applicants were admitted.

Below is a list of the 10 business schools where applicants had the best odds of admission in fall 2016.

School (name) (state)Full-time applicantsFull-time acceptancesFull-time acceptance rateWillamette University (Atkinson) (OR)16415594.5%Northern Arizona University (Franke)474391.5%St. Bonaventure University (NY)928491.3%La Salle University (PA)615590.2%University of Kentucky (Gatton)1029189.2%SUNY — Oswego494387.8%Appalachian State University (Walker) (NC)363186.1%Clarkson University (NY)1058782.9%Belmont University (Massey) (TN)594881.4%Oklahoma State University (Spears)534279.2%

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