Best 14 Things To Do In Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most beautiful modern recreational resorts in all over the world and one of the most famous cities in Sinai. It locates on the head of the Red Sea. The two gulfs of Aqaba and Suez ramify through it. Now there are a lot of things to do in Sharm El Sheikh.

In the past time Sharm El Sheikh was only a vast desert and massive mountains then turned to be one of the most tourist attractions in Egypt and a connection between the rest of Egypt touristic Regions. It was selected to win UNISECO prize as one of the top five peaceful countries in the world due to several meetings and conferences held in its land demanding just peace in the Middle East; it’s always known as the land of peace. Its area is about 424 km2.

Sharm El Sheikh was built in 1968 and rapidly developed to be one of the top famous cities in the world. Only in 10 years Sharm El Sheikh has been turned upside down from a barren desert to a worldwide summer and winter resorts containing 150 hotels. The population of Sharm El Sheikh is growing rapidly estimated to reach to 132.000 persons by 2017 with the increase of touristic activities.

What are the best things to do in your Sharm El Sheikh excursions?

  1. Naama Bay

It’s a beautiful place locates in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh. You will find almost world nationalities over there. It’s also a good place for walking and shopping. The main street in Naama Bay named by tourists as Sharm El sheikh Champs-Élysées, you will feel as the whole world left his countries and gathered in this street. Shopping in this area is splendidly marvelous, you will find a lot of shops of antiquities, gifts, souvenirs and slivers. If your hotel is away of the Naama Bay, don’t worry because all far hotels own buses to transfer tourists from and to Naama Bay 4 times per day.

2. Glass Boat

It’s like submarine with glass bottom to see colorful fishes, reefs and supernatural marines. The tour takes about 3 hours and has also several names such as Submarine, Aqua scope and Sea Scope.

3. Bedouin Dinner

You will be taken to a high plateau in Sharm El Sheikh Desert at 7 pm to sit in tents. Only you have to choose a good tent and you will receive Bedouin tea and dinner in an open buffet with folkloric Bedouin shows. Please notify that not all tents have the same shape every company or hotel book according upon clients requests.

4. Alf Lelila We Lelila Show

It’s a recreational ground contains a restaurant, sound & light shows, horse shows and belly dancers. This place is well known in Sharm El sheikh most likely visited by Arab and foreign tourists.

5. Dolphin Show

Two shows everyday nearby Ritz Carlton Hotel, every show receives 500 viewers most likely Russian, Italian and Arab. You can swim with dolphin and sit on its back.

6. Tiran Island

Take a yacht to Tiran Island to see Russian Gordon Reef. During this tour the yacht stops more than one time in order to let the passengers snorkel and swim, it’s not a big problem if you can’t swim because you will be equipped with snorkeling equipments which will help you to float on your abdomen and see sea bottom.

7. Raas Mohamed

The best natural landscape in the world according to some foreign magazines estimations. The area contains the best reefs and marines which dates back to 20 million years. Your tour will start over a yacht from Sharm heading to Raas Mohamed with a tour guide explains the road on the map and tells you about fish species existing in this area. Upon your arrival, you will swim in the Red Sea and see colorful fishes directly before your eyes.

8. Private Cruise

It’s a private cruise over a yacht dedicated for you and your family only without having any other tourists. The yacht sails on 9.00 am to 5:00 pm. While on board, feel free to hunt, swim, snorkel, dive or just contemplate the beautiful nature.

9. Aqua Park

It is huge water paradise offers slides, games and widely wet fabulous fun for all family members with different ages. You will enjoy swimming with your kids or alone, swimming is available to all ages. Aqua Park is a huge amusement park with water slides, splashes, water games and other recreational bathing and swimming environments with swimming captain for your safety. Aqua park includes lots of slides such as a high speed slide, tube freefall slide, multi slide, freefall slide, body slide, flying boat, space boat tube, black hole slide, rafting slide, elephant slide…. etc.

10. Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh Malls

The most famous mall in Sharm is (Mercato Mall) nearby Alf Leila We Leila contains 450 stores and worldwide restaurants.

11. Quad Biking

Or quad runners for 3 hours accompanied by desert guide in front of you and behind you guiding you to the right road. Enjoy Bedouin tea between such round during break time.

12. Cleo Park

Recreational water amusement park in Sharm El Sheikh contains many slides games.

13. Thistlesgorm

A British military ship sank in the Red Sea during World War II 1941 and still contains all its contents until now such as bombs, reservoirs, rockets and personal stuff. It was discovered in 1965. You can visit it by a boat sailing across the Red Sea for 3.5 hours to reach to it.

14. The Old Market

It’s a market sells basic things not recreational one such as vegetables, fruits and fishes.