The Westville “Town of 1850” Dedication Ceremony on Aug 31, 1968

Donna Anglin Moraco
1 min readJan 27, 2020


It was summertime of 1968. My hometown was super excited about the opening of Westville, a town of 1850 comprised of buildings from that era reassembled in our county; the pride and joy of the our county’s historical society and people all over the state. Westville brought in thousands of people around the state to get a glimpse of what life was like in the mid 1800s. On a smaller scale, this village of 1850 located in rural Georgia could have been compared to the famed Williamsburg in Virginia.

This is a Super 8 mm home movie clip, originally filmed in 1968 by my father, Adrian L. Anglin, Sr of Lumpkin GA (1911–1980).

Digitized by his daughter Donna Anglin Moraco in Jan 2020.

Festivities and celebration of the opening of Westville, originally located on outskirts of Lumpkin (Stewart County) GA.

This living museum was moved to Columbus GA in 2018. The clip features many town citizens as well as several dignitaries who came for the dedication. President Jimmy Carter (before his time as governor of GA or president of the US) appears as one of keynote speakers.