Race for Charity

Each year Race for Life organies 5K and 10K runs nationwide to help raise funds for cancer research — participants are encouraged to walk the distances if they aren’t capable of running but Streatham fitness coach feels that some people may underestimate the distance and not be fully prepared.

Donna from The Noble of Yoga and Wellbeing says they want to do all they can to help get people to get race ready: “5K can be a challenging distance if you are not prepared, although this isn’t a competitive race and you can walk the distance, people will want to finish the race and do the best they can.”

“I encourage anyone taking part to prepared by starting their training around now so they have plenty of time to build up their distance gradually. I would suggest training around 3 times a week starting off with a mix of jogging and walking.

“Another thing they need to remember is to drink plenty of fluids while training especially as the weather warms up over the summer.”

Yoga is a good compliment to running — improving strenght, flexibility and mental focus.

Reduces risk of injury — yoga is a great way to relieve the muscle imbalances instigated by running. Allowing runners to find different degrees of flexibility.

Good for stretching — making yoga part of your practice ensures regular stretching for lengthening those muscles tightened by running.

Improves Strength — the poses held in yoga strengthens the core, hamstrings and quads. Strengthening the hamstrings removes the risk of injury as a result of frontal loading.

Teaches correct breathing control — when a runner’s lungs are under strain, breathing can become fast and shallow. Yoga teaching you how to breathe correctly as this allows a larger delivery of oxygen to the muscles, consequently increasing performance.

Donna also suggests doing body weight exercises as well as running to build up your general fitness levels and core strength.

“A good strong core can really help with your running,” adds Donna

The Noble Art of Wellbeing is offering a FREE training week to anyone who has registered to run Race for Life this year all you have to do is bring your printed Race for Life receipt down to them and they will get you registered.

If you would to be involved in Race for Life in 2016 then visit raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org

Or if you would like to find out more about the free training from Donna contact The Noble Art of Wellbeing at me@donnanobleyoga.co.uk

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