What to read to understand 2017
Tobias Stone

Mr. Stone, I read your article with interest and have a couple of points:

  1. Similar to Germany before WWII, Russia is making a come-back from a degrading failure (due to the perceived decline of communism). With a charismatic leader and financially discontent population, the people will be demanding improvement. Russia has always been on the world stage and is thus reasserting itself. How do we bring Russia to the point of Germany today without the hostilities? Perhaps by treating the country and its leader with respect. (Any other ideas?)
  2. Canadians had the chance to observe Rob Ford, a populist Mayor of the City of Toronto. While considered “profoundly stupid” by some, he was the anti-establishment vote. Ultimately, council and staff stalled or actively worked against him, meaning that neither he nor the City accomplished much new during his term. The constant fight and his own character took a toll on his health.
  3. Personally, I have seen an extreme change where I was caught off-guard, and looking back later gave me no clues. I would not have been able to avoid the fall except possibly by widening my scope of information.
  4. Christians and Muslims are at it … still. Each fighting for a fundamental way of life. (For a freedom-loving woman, there is no choice.)
  5. People are losing interest in Capitalism not Democracy. The problem is successful capitalists do not do democracy.
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