I lay my head to the earth. I listen for your heartbeat.

thump. thump.

I breathe. I wait. Silent until mi corazón late with the same rhythm as yours.

Respiro. Espero. The earth empieza a moverse junto a mi.

We are synced.

Mis lagrimas are moistening the grass. Blades stab my arms. My cheeks.

I cry until I become one with the earth. My tears are dirt.

thump. thump.

Now, we can speak. I can hear you now, en el viento. You whisper to me softly.

Good morning, Sunshine.

I am awake. I am ten years old. I am dancing around the kitchen.

An unstoppable force of energy.

Inquieta, me dicen.

And it’s true.

You were too. But you did not form me like you were formed.

I was not bound by their murderous laws of masculinity.

Los árboles cantan

thump. thump.

I sit up. I trace your name with my finger. Your name feels colder than your hands were.

This place is my home.

My heart is buried here.