I think I am falling in love again.

I really can’t be sure just yet, because my past has made me skeptical, guarded, and stubborn to give myself to someone again.

I think I might be falling in love with his smile, with the way he lays on my belly at night.

I might be falling for his bright blue eyes that draw me in like sunshine on the ocean.

Maybe it’s the way that he kisses my forehead before bed, or when we say goodbye.

More likely, it’s the way my soul seems to trust him.

It’s potentially the way he makes me laugh, even despite myself. Even despite my best attempts at staying serious.

It’s easily the way I never question how he feels or what his intentions might be.

It could be the way he squints slightly when he laughs.

I might be falling for his curly, soft hair and how it feels between my fingers.

Perhaps I’m falling for those things.

Probably, I’m falling for him.

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