MgO Flooring Board — Best for Wet and Dry Condition

Magnesium Oxide Cement Board is another era green divider panel that is produced using nature mineral magnesium crystal. By utilizing progressive composite technologies, the item components are in front of magnesium bond industry and turned into another star in concrete board industry.

· Our MgO flooring board is free from chloride.

· Our magnesium oxide flooring board has comparative structural and center with Durock concrete board

· The weight is half lighter contrast and other fiber bond board, it’s much less demanding to handle and cut.

· Minimum water assimilation less than 10% (24 hours).

· Dimension and quality stable in wet and dry condition.

· The method for establishment is the same as option bond sheets.

The auxiliary applications for RockMax MgO flooring board are basic protected boards or SIPs, basic sheathing, and OSB substrates for coatings, for example, stucco. In auxiliary applications, MgO unquestionably emerges from different boards and sheets. Furthermore, it’s not water safe and leaves an extensive carbon impression amid the assembling procedure. You may state that when gypsum load up (sheet shake) is delivered utilizing fly cinder it’s ecologically neighborly, which is valid, yet fly fiery remains postures wellbeing dangers to individuals. We jump at the chance to call attention to the way that our board is individuals, planet, and execution well disposed. You can’t state the same for ANY other item available today!

MgO creation has essentially brings down CO2 outflows and NO mechanical preparing! The blending of materials happens at a low temperature and the emanate is very for nature and the chemicals and minerals can be promptly devoured by people, creatures, or plants. We got a kick out of the chance to state our plant resembles a pastry kitchen — it’s that is protected, and that simple on our surroundings. MgO is likewise recyclable because of its unbiased PH and carbonaceous frame, with comparable synthetic segments as a corn husk.

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