16 HOURS WITHOUT A CELL PHONE! 📴Omg! My phone died Saturday around 1:00am and was not back in commission until around 5:15pm!

My first thought “What ever am I going to do without my phone?”

I appear fine externally, but internally I am really FREAKING OUT MAN!!

Then as my mind is racing, wondering when I’ll have both the time and energy to search for a Verizon, I stop and say aloud,

“What the hell are you doing?”

Since when did having a cell phone become so damn important?

I mean, really! WE treat and care for our phones better than we treat other humans! Always worried about who’s texting, calling, messaging, taking a selfie or who’s. liking a status or picture we recently posted……… WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

This cell phone epidemic is getting out of hand! We are in competition with one another over technology! We’re waiting in long lines, exiling people who don’t have the same brand phone as you (cough, cough some of you bougie iPhone users), spending extra $$ you probably don’t even have to spend, all to pre-order the latest phone!

It makes NO sense!

Lets go back to a simpler time; a time when phones were used to actually talk to one another instead of texting all the time or Using FaceTime, which is creepy by the way.

I’m pretty sure you don’t NEED a phone to listen to music, gps, play games, or even take a picture! I mean sure those things are great, we don’t NEED them!

Like damn! Put your phone down for one second and just ENJOY THE MOMENT! You really DON’T have to capture EVERY moment!

You CAN just live in the moment!