She is on the receiving end of my disdain for multiple reasons, none of which are because she lost…
Stefanie Williams

Stefanie — maybe it’s a Long Island thing — I couldn’t agree with your article more! Talia and those like here are EXACTLY whats worng with today’s society. The complete lack of a work ethic. The inflated sense of self-worth, and the entitlement mentality poured into their brains by parents, teachers and college professors.
YOU will be successful for the rest of your life — mostly because of your willingness to pay your dues and work hard to achieve your goals. And people like Talia will NEVER be a success! Although most of us never have and never will meet her — we all know her. When you interview her — her attitude will show. If she’s able to hide it — it will be obvious to everyone around her, including her bosses. 
Her ‘type’ doesn’t focus on doing the best job she possibly can — they spend their time looking for the shortcut UP the ladder to where they think they belong. Not a betting man — but I’d be whoever decided to promote another person instead of her surely looks better to his or her director for excellent hiring skills!

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