Being an Entrepreneur Sucks (Sometimes)

“Banging your head against a wall trying to make money…”

If I had to simplify the feeling of being an emerging Entrepreneur, this analogy would be perfect. You’re a little guy, in a big world running around searching for financial resources, in order to be with a woman and live happily ever after. On this journey you fall many (many) times and always find yourself ducking and dodging threats as you make your way towards your goal. Sometimes you become lost, and as you progress things become increasingly MORE difficult. Every coin you collect can be taken away from you anytime and when it does happen you have to start all over again. This is how it feels to me at times.

My company (Ambitious Ventures) has evoled so much from it’s intial inception and is still a major work in progress. I’ve had to adapt, pivot and totally change things around completly so many times already and no matter how fine tuned my process and company becomes it still will have to change as I grow. In fact, the only constant is change. What started has a simple concept has now morphed into this complex idea with very grandiose ambitions. I want to help create #Positive change in the world using creative and artistic content (think boutique media/creative agency that only works with social impact companies and organizations). I know, it sounds very cliche but it’s true. This is now a life goal of mine; developing this company into an amazing one, but it won’t be easy.

I’ve always believed in hard work, it was instilled in me as a child and even though this path can be very difficult at times I still intend to follow it. I may not find my Princess, or live in a big castle when the game is over but at least I’ll know I tried. I gave it my best. Someone once told me “An Entrepreneur is nothing more than a good problem solver…” and that’s just what I have to do. Solve problems. I must figure out how to dodge the threats and leap to new heights. I will have to find and save my coins as I progress on my journey and even if I lose them, must run again to find more. As I grow, as I reach every new level things will become more difficult and my movements must be very calculated and precise. I will fall, several times but can never be afraid to jump. I must use my many lives to help others. This is, after all what Super Mario would do, and so must I.