No shame… My Mental Illness Story…

(Presented by BringChange2Mind and Mashable)

‪#‎Positive‬ Sharing my life with the world as an artist is one thing, but sharing my life with the world as a human being can be a challenge at times. Honestly, I’ve always struggled with blurring lines… “Where does my life start and career end, and vice versa…” and it’s taken me a lot of work, self realization, humility and sacrifice to make it this far. Because of this, I know how important it is share your story with others.

I ask that you not only read, but also share my story with others. Not because I want you to promote me, the artist, but because I want you to promote the message. The stigma of mental illness is one which holds many back from seeking help and we as a society need to change that. Believe me when I tell you, these issues are more common and close to home than you may realize. Once you open the dialogue though, you will find that many others will speak as well.

Thank you

Love + Blessings


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